The Challenge Of Self Forgiveness After A Suicide Attempt

By Giving Voice to Depression on July 17, 2018

How do you forgive yourself for a suicide attempt? Is it the first step to recovery? Is it a necessary step? Is it even possible? This episode’s guest, John, shares that self-forgiveness is the major,…


Depression and Manhood (Roro Asmar)

By Giving Voice to Depression on July 10, 2018

  Men, programmed from childhood to be “tough,” and not to feel, name or express emotions, never to cry and to “man up,” are all-too-often reluctant to seek needed help and support for their depression….


A Suicide-Attempt Survivor’s Story Of Hope (Mark Henick)

By Giving Voice to Depression on June 26, 2018

It can be so, so hard when you are in depression’s darkness to believe anyone who says “it passes,” “it will get better,” or even “you are loved and needed.” Mark Henick, a suicide-attempt survivor…


Suicide – Myths And Misconceptions (Mark Henick)

By Giving Voice to Depression on June 20, 2018

A suicide-attempt survivor and internationally-recognized mental-health advocate sets the record straight about several common misconceptions about suicide including the idea people attempt “for attention” and that suicide occurs “out of the blue, with no warning.”…


Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Dr. John Draper)

By Giving Voice to Depression on June 13, 2018

Recent back-to-back celebrity suicides have put the topic in the headlines. But for many, the thought is there regularly. Help is, too! The vast majority of people who consider suicide get through the crisis period…


HOW TO Reach Out- Part One (Sam Dylan Finch)

By Giving Voice to Depression on May 29, 2018

Depression is too dark and heavy to face alone. So we’re told to “reach out for help.” But HOW? What words do we use, especially when we might not have the energy or the insight…


Season Four In Review

By Giving Voice to Depression on May 8, 2018

Podcast co-hosts Bridget and Terry look back at the intimate, hopeful, informative stories and information shared in Season Four, and highlight some of the lessons that impacted and stuck with them. If any of the…

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By Giving Voice to Depression on February 22, 2018

One year ago today, we posted the first episode of the Giving Voice to Depression podcast. That first month, 106 people played it. Since then, we have produced more than 40 episodes, which have been…