The Challenge Of Self Forgiveness After A Suicide Attempt

By Giving Voice to Depression on July 17, 2018

How do you forgive yourself for a suicide attempt? Is it the first step to recovery? Is it a necessary step? Is it even possible? This episode’s guest, John, shares that self-forgiveness is the major,…


A Suicide-Attempt Survivor’s Story Of Hope (Mark Henick)

By Giving Voice to Depression on June 26, 2018

It can be so, so hard when you are in depression’s darkness to believe anyone who says “it passes,” “it will get better,” or even “you are loved and needed.” Mark Henick, a suicide-attempt survivor…


Depression; A Couple’s Perspective

By Giving Voice to Depression on January 30, 2018

Depression affects more than the people who live with it. In this episode, a young couple talks about their experience with the illness; one as a person who lives with it, and the other as…


Building Your Recovery; Brick By Brick

By Giving Voice to Depression on December 5, 2017

Brent Williams shares his journey through depression and anxiety, offering practical suggestions and insights on ways to manage oneself while walking through the darkness of mental illness.    


Depression Lies (Terry)

By Giving Voice to Depression on July 25, 2017

Podcast co-host Terry gives voice to her struggles, reminds us why we should not believe the lies depression spews, and offers a message of hope and recovery.