HOW TO Reach Out- Part One (Sam Dylan Finch)

By Giving Voice to Depression on May 29, 2018

Depression is too dark and heavy to face alone. So we’re told to “reach out for help.” But HOW? What words do we use, especially when we might not have the energy or the insight…


Don’t Ignore The Signs Of Childhood Depression (Sally)

By Giving Voice to Depression on January 16, 2018

  An adult– who was that undiagnosed depressed child– looks back on a lifetime of depression and urges parents, teachers and society as a whole to tune-in and step-in if a child in your life…

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The Strength is All Yours

By Giving Voice to Depression on November 16, 2017

Today we are posting the second part of our podcast episode “The Power of Compassion.”After hearing part one, a listener wrote and said the story Jonny and Neil shared touched her, because she had been…


Season Two In Review

By Giving Voice to Depression on October 31, 2017

Podcast co-hosts Bridget and Terry look back at lessons they learned from the many people who shared their stories and expertise in the the episodes of season two.