Season Four In Review

By Giving Voice to Depression on May 8, 2018

Podcast co-hosts Bridget and Terry look back at the intimate, hopeful, informative stories and information shared in Season Four, and highlight some of the lessons that impacted and stuck with them. If any of the…


Off the Sidelines- Ripple Report Four (Ted Perry)

By Giving Voice to Depression on April 24, 2018

After profiling Giving Voice to Depression for a television news feature, a news anchor/reporter felt compelled to “come off the sidelines” and share his own experience of depression publicly for the first time.   Link…


Loving and Supporting Someone with Mental-Health Challenges

By Giving Voice to Depression on April 10, 2018

Rebecca Lombardo fights a battle inside her mind every single day. But she doesn’t fight it alone. Listen as a Detroit-area couple shares the lessons learned in their 17-year marriage; lessons about communication, boundaries, love,…


Lessons Learned from Depression (Tom Wavre)

By Giving Voice to Depression on April 3, 2018

While we would all prefer to learn life lessons from much gentler teachers, depression can reveal things that are good to know. Tom Wavre, an advocate for mental health in the workplace and the founder…


Depression: The Curse of the Strong (Dr. Tim Cantopher)

By Giving Voice to Depression on March 27, 2018

A psychiatrist who has treated more than 3,000 people with depression, says it’s time to re-frame how we characterize, treat and view people with depression. The current way is not only stigmatizing and potentially dangerous,…