Suicide Prevention; Part One

By Giving Voice to Depression on September 6, 2017

  We often hear that suicide is preventable. But what does that really mean? What do we need to know and understand to be able to help someone through a suicidal crisis? Dr. Barbara Moser,…


Research Underway To Personalize Depression Treatment (Dr. Madhukar Tridedi)

By Giving Voice to Depression on August 29, 2017

A leading depression researcher, studying a finger-prick blood test that could determine which depression medication(s) would work best for your specific biology, shares his findings with Giving Voice to Depression. http://www.utsouthwestern.edu/newsroom/news-releases/year-2017/mar/biomarkers-trivedi.html  


Depression in the Elderly

By Giving Voice to Depression on August 22, 2017

A 93-year-old woman, who is not sure if she is clinically depressed or if she just finds the end of life depressing, shares her story and a message for the children and grandchildren of seniors.


This is Her Brave

By Giving Voice to Depression on August 15, 2017

  A mental health advocate shares her story that includes four involuntary hospitalizations, a period of anonymous blogging, and the life-changing decision to stop hiding her struggles. Her bravery has inspired others to share their…

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Self Help (Duff The Psych)

By Giving Voice to Depression on August 8, 2017

A psychologist and author, whose specialty is taking complex psychological issues and breaking them down into plain language, offers some techniques to help manage depression.   Duff the Psych’s website: http://www.duffthepsych.com/  


Offering And Asking For Support (Ben)

By Giving Voice to Depression on August 1, 2017

It helps to be able to talk about your experience with depression, and the ways someone can support you when you’re really “in it.” But timing is everything. Ben shares his story, and some really…


Depression Lies (Terry)

By Giving Voice to Depression on July 25, 2017

Podcast co-host Terry gives voice to her struggles, reminds us why we should not believe the lies depression spews, and offers a message of hope and recovery.    


Perfectly Hidden Depression (Dr. Margaret Rutherford)

By Giving Voice to Depression on July 19, 2017

A clinical psychologist reminds us that not everyone who is depressed looks or acts depressed; and the fact that hidden pain and shame still affect us.   Dr. Margaret’s website: http://drmargaretrutherford.com/  


Identifying and Managing Depression (Liz)

By Giving Voice to Depression on July 4, 2017

Liz describes the different types of depressions she has had, and talks about how caring friends can help each other identify and manage depression.