Season Three in Review

By Giving Voice to Depression on February 6, 2018

As we wrap up our third season, we thank everyone who has come forward to share their experience with depression, as well as the Charles E. Kubly Foundation for its sponsorship and our first grant!…


Depression; A Couple’s Perspective

By Giving Voice to Depression on January 30, 2018

Depression affects more than the people who live with it. In this episode, a young couple talks about their experience with the illness; one as a person who lives with it, and the other as…


Ripple Report Three; The Tribe Theater Company

By Giving Voice to Depression on January 23, 2018

This episode started with am email from Lindsey with The Tribe ensemble theater, saying that hearing the stories shared on Giving Voice to Depression has helped her both personally and professionally.  Out of respect to…


Don’t Ignore The Signs Of Childhood Depression (Sally)

By Giving Voice to Depression on January 16, 2018

  An adult– who was that undiagnosed depressed child– looks back on a lifetime of depression and urges parents, teachers and society as a whole to tune-in and step-in if a child in your life…

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Starting The Conversation (Comedian Frank King)

By Giving Voice to Depression on January 9, 2018

A stand-up comedian and former writer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno discusses depression with perspective, candor and humor. What’s funny about depression? Nothing! But people with depression can be funny, because depression is…


The Gift Of Listening

By Giving Voice to Depression on January 2, 2018

A crisis-line supervisor discusses about the power of listening, helping people find their own path to wellness, and offering hope.    


Depression, The Holidays And Scrooge

By Giving Voice to Depression on December 19, 2017

A look at Scrooge through a therapist’s compassionate lens, some advice on not getting caught up in Holiday Expectations, and “the best and kindest thing” you can do this time of year for someone in…


Black Mental Health Matters

By Giving Voice to Depression on December 12, 2017

A mental-health professional discusses how cultural beliefs and stigma prevented him from getting help for his depression for years. He now takes his empowering message to schools and conferences because, like all mental health, Black…


Building Your Recovery; Brick By Brick

By Giving Voice to Depression on December 5, 2017

Brent Williams shares his journey through depression and anxiety, offering practical suggestions and insights on ways to manage oneself while walking through the darkness of mental illness.    


“College Depression” (Justin)

By Giving Voice to Depression on November 28, 2017

A college student shares the story of his struggle with depression and how, with the help of his parents and a network of friends he once denied having, he has learned to manage his illness…