HOW TO Reach Out- Part Two (Sam Dylan Finch)

Depression is too dark and heavy to face alone.

So we’re told to “reach out for help.” But HOW?

What words do we use, especially when we might not have

the energy or the insight to articulate our struggle?

And how the hell are we suppose to come up with effective language

that honors we deserve help when depression convinces us no one cares,

or that we’re a burden.

This 2-part podcast will tell you how!

Our guest, Sam Dylan Finch, took the time to make a list of 10 Ways to Reach Out.

In part two, we will explore the last five of them.

Please listen AND share.

It’s potentially life-saving and certainly life-supporting information.

Here is a link to Sam’s article which you can print out as a reminder/resource:…mental-health/