GVTD has an AMAZING Facebook community!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Giving Voice to Depression FB community,

or with the power of social media to have an impact on mental health,

this is an exchange of support happening on  our page right now.

One short hour ago we posted that a community member is in a dark place. 

These are the replies that poured in with many more to follow,

if the past is an indicator. 

We can make such a difference by just extending ourselves the littlest bit. 

It is a beautiful thing!

(We know everyone posted on a social media site, but we’re still deleting their names and pictures out of respect for privacy)


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 JNS: You are never alone, Karen.

DW: Please know you’re not alone !!!!

BC: I’ve been there. I’ve felt alone but with reaching out I discovered that there are so many who are here for me and by my side. You can do this. I’m here for you if needed. You are important. You are worthy. You are valuable. You are loved. You are needed. You are never alone. 💚

SK: You are not alone. When I feel that way, I take things one moment at a time until I get through it. 
TG:  Peace be with you. The dark shall pass to once again become light. The struggle is real, but you are not alone!
LEW: One day at a time and breathe xx

BP: Karen, we are standing beside you can you feel our energy. We know about the shitty days the struggle of it all. But the sun is going to shine you are going to feel better. Do not be afraid or hard on yourself

SB Here if needed

LSC: You are loved; you are not alone; keep the faith! 💙🙏

VG: We hear you Karen and what a blessed group this is that can comfort you and lift you up in your dark hours. The best part? We’ve all been there and we understand. In fact I’m having a pretty craptacular day myself but I won’t let that stop me from telling you that you are loved and better days will come. There have been many days I’ve struggled alone but you don’t have to because of groups like this 💖💖💖🙏
ALD: Thinking of you, Karen. Hope you can feel the support of this caring community.

JW: There is light at the end of the tunnel & you will eventually find it. 

CN: Cyber hug Karen. I have dark days that are confusing. I am not really sure what to tell myself that would be comforting.
I’m glad you are here. I’m proud of you for reaching out. I hope one thing that is said reaches through the darkness, fills you with a measure of hope and helps you today. Xoxo

JDH: Love and positive energy coming your way karen!!!! 😘😘😘

CF:  Hugs and prayers ~

SB: We are with you, Karen! You can absolutely get through this!

EH: This 2 shall pass stay strong xx

CMR: It sucks when things are so dark that’s it hard to see an end, but just know that you are not alone!

JBR:  you got this


Giving Voice to Depression (sent in private message to us) I can’t do Facebook but please tell Karen that it’s the thinking, feeling, questioning people—like her—who make life worth living.

The world needs people like Karen. And if we all stick together and stick it out, things really will get better. ✌🏼

SG: Thinking of you xx

KM:  Hang on. There is always hope that things will get better. Praying for you, I totally understand.

DM: Wish I could help today but I’m there too. All I can say is hang on and as hard as it is to let people around, do it. Let people help you and dont feel guilty. Praying for you.
TW: You are not alone and you are stronger than you know.💜

TP:  You’re not alone. Even if it’s minute by minute, hour by hour, just for today think about something positive. Go for a walk. Listen to some music. Listen to the birds chirp. Feel the sunshine. Do something to clear your mind a little. Have faith. And give yourself a break.
TR: My life experience tells me that no matter how dark or bad things may get, the sun will eventually come out from behind the clouds and whatever your situation is will get better. HOLD ON!!!!!!

And this is Karen, one hour later: Thank you everyone for your kind messages, means a great deal to me! Feel my world ended when i lost my beloved Mum in January, then three weeks ago my friend passed away, unexpectedly😢

We end each Giving Voice to Depression podcast saying “If you are hurting, speak up. If someone else is hurting, listen up.” This is why.