Ripple Report Three; The Tribe Theater Company

This episode started with am email from Lindsey with The Tribe ensemble theater, saying that hearing the stories shared on Giving Voice to Depression has helped her both personally and professionally.  Out of respect to the many people who have entrusted us with their stories out of a desire to help others, we said “Oh tell us more!” Not only did Lindsey share how hearing first-person accounts of life with depression helped her, but the ensemble weighed in as well. Share your story if it feels safe. Share our podcasts if that feels safer. But get a conversation started. It’s the only way the stigma of mental illness will end.  Thanks and enjoy the episode!


Hearing the first-person accounts

in the Giving Voice to Depression podcast

lead to group discussions, and positively influenced the cast of a NY play

that focuses on the life of a child with a depressed and suicidal mother.