Words are Powerful

When Bridget and I produce the Giving Voice to Depression podcast episodes, we have the clear and strong intention of stimulating conversations and understandings that last far longer then a 15-minute listening session.  We want people who don’t experience depression to better understand what those of us who do– are dealing with when we go to That Other Place. And we want to better understand it ourselves! Then we can explain it better, manage it better, and hopefully shorten or lessen the detrimental impact of A Depressive Episode.

That’s why we were so excited to produce the two Ripple Reports that are linked (and playable) below. Both are stories of people who… you could almost use the word “metabolized” an episode’s message and made a change in their life that will bring positive, needed changes to the lives of people in their world who are dealing with any number of challenges with their thinking.

But “ripples” do not have to be as big as a school program or a change in professional procedure to make an impact.

I recently told a friend (I obviously haven’t talked to in a while) about the podcast. She said she’d check it out, and when we got together she mentioned the episode she had listened to and her take-away from it. It was the episode “Offering and Asking for Support” (also playable below) in which Ben suggested talking about depression when someone is not experiencing it,  and is therefore in a healthier  and clearer place.

My friend said she has someone in her life who she thinks may live with depression– though she hadn’t been comfortable with the idea of asking, or frankly, “even using the diagnosis ‘depressed.'” After hearing Ben share his story and advice, she decided to broach the subject. That, of course, opens the opportunity for her friend to talk about what he’s experiencing– reduce the shame that led him to keep it secret, and to get help and support from someone loving and available.  If he chooses to, of course.

So, that’s fabulous! That’s another beam of light shining on depression’s oppressive darkness. One more person learning that there’s another caring human in their world who now knows and understands them more completely. One more chink in stigma and isolation’s armor.

We can’t tell you how exciting and gratifying and motivating it is to hear these stories.

Thank you so much for listening to the podcast. Thank you for trusting us to give you credible, engaging, comforting information. And thanks especially to Ben and the 40+ other people who have given us their time, perspective and stories to share.

We are all stronger together. Take care of your wonderful selves.

Terry & Bridget, Giving Voice to Depression podcast co-hosts