Suiting Up and Showing Up

When my sister Bridget and I committed to Giving Voice to Depression, we agreed to set aside the fears (and ego and privacy) of “exposing ourselves” as People With Depression. How could we possibly attempt to fight stigma and hide our own truths at the same time? Partial truth that is. Depression is only one piece of the multi-faceted people it affects. So, we have plastered our faces and names and stories across the internet. We have made public appearances and had many private conversations, all with the goal of educating people that depression is not a choice. But that stigma and ignorance both are.

We are dedicated to fighting the stigma and isolation of mental illness one shared story at a time.

Today we took the message to the radio airwaves again.  Please listen to this interview/profile and share it and the link to our podcasts so that more people will hear and learn from the stories our guests share. We are NOT ALONE:



Please click on this link to hear the 11/22/17 radio interview: