The Strength is All Yours

Today we are posting the second part of our podcast episode “The Power of Compassion.”After hearing part one, a listener wrote and said the story Jonny and Neil shared touched her, because she had been “that guy on the bridge.” I asked if she was willing to share her story. This is part of what she wrote, which I post with her permission (with location details deleted):

“I’m happy to share to you. I walked out of my home. I was just in auto pilot. I saw people talking but I couldn’t hear them. By this I knew what I had to do, to end the pain I feel every day a pain inside me. I went to the bridge. I went & sat on the ledge just looking down at the water so many people it like I was invisible. I started saying sorry for all the pain & upset I had caused my loved ones. Suddenly I can hear a man talking I looked and he was near me , he started talking & saying my loved ones & my kids would be so destroyed. He said one day he felt the pain I had. He put his hand out and looking straight at him I took his hand. I hugged him I couldn’t speak just crying so much. I have no details of this man, but I will always remember his name Anthony. He saved my life.”

She then sent a second note:

“I’ve never told anyone this not even family It felt like it was right to share. Thank you for giving me the strength to share my story with you. I believe in my heart my story was meant to shared with you.”

There is power in sharing our story. This listener learned from our podcast that she is not alone. You may be learning that from her story today. Be an Anthony or a Neil – listen if someone needs to talk. The human need to be heard is a deep one. We thank this listener from the bottom of our hearts for sharing with us today. What an honor to be trusted. And thank you all for being part of this safe space where we can share her words. Be well.