Be Not Afraid


We know some of you may be reluctant to listen to our podcast, Giving Voice to Depression,  thinking it might be… well… depressing. But we try to make and think of them as stories of resilience and empowerment. Sure, people share their struggles, but they also share their self-care and management techniques, and their philosophy on Life With Depression. Guests are all well enough (and caring enough) to share their story in an effort to normalize the discussion and reduce any shame or stigma around it. Many are inspiring. Some have moments of laughter. All offer some hope. 

This morning, one FB community member sent us this note:

“I am just now, for the first time listening to your podcasts and they are amazing! It’s taken me this long to listen, for some reason, was afraid to hear because that would mean I have to keep dealing with this. I am now working my way through all of them. Thank you!!!!”

So… come on in, the water’s fine.  And after you listen, feel free to share with others you think would benefit from the message. Each episode explores a different experience of depression; from the elderly to teens, suicide-attempt survivors to suicide-loss survivors, those who have found natural remedies effective to those who are treatment-resistant, etc.  And if there’s a perspective we haven’t covered, let us know!

Season 3 will include veterans, the connection to chronic pain and ACEs or Adverse Childhood Events, Black Mental Health Matters, and several other perspectives. Email us (the co-hosts) at or Terry@GivingVoiceToDepression.