30 minutes of your life, that could save someone else’s

If you have been touched by suicide, you know the pain, frustration, even guilt associated with thoughts like: “Were there signs we missed?” or “I wish there was something I could have done!”

Almost everyone involved with Giving Voice to Depression has lost a loved one to suicide. We are among the last people who would want to add to any voices making you feel you could or should (God, we hate that word!) have done Something Else. Something More.  You did what you did (or didn’t do what you didn’t do) based on what you thought and felt and knew and understood at the time. It’s our sincere hope you can release yourself from what one of our podcast guests called the “what-if prison.”

Our hope, with a series of podcasts we produced for Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month, is that people will listen to these two episodes (one is 14-minutes long and one 16-minutes) and learn about warning signs, risk factors, how to start a conversation with someone who may be suicidal, what do to yourself, and who else to call in. Because the more we all know, the more we can all do to save the life of someone who is struggling! 

Please pass these along. Post them. Share them. Link to them. Whatever you can do to spread the word.