Depressed vs. Sad

Giving Voice to Depression gets one question more than all others:  What’s the difference between depressed and sad? Three experts lead the discussion.

“I like to think of depression as a parasite, because it does all of the things to you that it needs to do to keep itself strong. It saps your energy, it makes you feel more lethargic, which makes you not do things which makes you feel more guilty, which makes you feel depressed, so it goes in a cycle and builds itself up and up and up.”          

-Dr. Robert Duff

“Depression can come on very, very gradually, or sometimes very acutely with a loss, or some kind of trauma.  But what happens with depression is you wake up with it, you’re eating lunch with it, and you go to bed with it.  It does not remit.”                  

-Dr. Margaret Rutherford            

“(Depression) is absolutely real. No one should question if this is real or not. This is a brain disease and the signs and symptoms are clear.  This is a very common illness and should not be misunderstood as anything but a real illness. It is not a weakness.”

 -Dr. Madhukar Trivedi, M.D.